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24 Hour Urine for recurrent Renal Calculi

Alternate Names
24 Hour Urine for Renal Calculi, 24 Hour Urine for Renal Calculus, 24 Hour Urine for Renal Stones
Cerner Test Name
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Biochemistry and Referred
24 hr Urine
24 hr Urine Plain Bottle
24 hr Urine Acid Bottle
Additional Collection Instructions
Please note that this list of tests requires 2 x 24 hour urine collections; an acid bottle and a plain bottle.
Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume

Please code tests as specified on the request form. If no indivdual tests are requested, the following analyte excretion rates will be measured:

Creatinine (CRD),

Calcium (CAD),

Oxalate (OXALD),

Phosphate (PD),

Magnesium (MGD),

Citrate (CITD) and

Uric acid (UAD).


Note: If required, cysteine may be measured in a spot urine sample.

As required
Reference Interval
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