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Anatomical Pathology incorporate the Histopathology, Cytopathology and post mortem services. Areas of expertise include liver/GI, renal, neuropathology, gynaecologic pathology, cytology (gynaecological and non-gynaecological), transplantation pathology, breast, skin, lung oncology, lymphoma, melanoma and uro-oncology. The laboratory performs an extensive range of Immunohistochemistry, including immunofluorescence and in-situ hybridisation to complement diagnosis, prognosis and patient treatment. It is also accredited to perform and report fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH) for ALK and 1p19q. Molecular testing for cancers is also performed in conjunction with the Molecular Diagnostics service.

Expert Opinion Expert opinion on external cases can be provided by our anatomical pathologists. To request a consult on your case, please complete a request form and forward your slides to the Department of Anatomical Pathology.

Expert Opinion Request Form

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) performance and attendance 9496 5590

FNA can be used to sample both superficial and deep mass lesions, the latter usually under CT or ultrasound guidance. Pathologists are available to perform FNAs on superficial lesions, not requiring any radiological guidance. Contact the laboratory to make a booking. A pathology request form should be completed, with relevant clinical information and the patient must present to Pathology outpatients collection rooms on Level 3, Harold Stokes Building at a time arranged by the laboratory.

Experienced Cytologists are available to attend EBUS and EUS aspirates to prepare material and assess adequacy of the sample during the procedure. Contact the laboratory giving adequate notice of the booking, preferably 24hrs notice.

Intraoperative Consultation Frozen Sections - 9496 5583

Specimens requiring frozen section assessment should be booked in advance by calling the laboratory to avoid delay. Out of hours contact the switchboard on 9496-5000 and ask to page the on-call Anatomical Pathologist.
9496 3953

Biochemistry provides expertise across a wide scope of testing including urgent and routine biochemistry, hormones, tumour markers, therapeutic drug monitoring, blood gas analysis, infectious diseases serology, autoantibody testing, protein electrophoresis studies, Haemoglobinopathy screening, allergy testing, drugs of abuse screening and confirmation, and trace metal analysis. The Biochemistry laboratory also manages all point-of-care testing and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week utilising robotic automation.
9496 3220
M-F: 0830-1700
On-call service out of hours

The Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics laboratory offers specialist chromatographic analysis of drugs, hormones and biomarkers using HPLC, LCMS and GCMS methods. Current accredited chemical pathology testing services include analysis of biogenic amines (metanephrine, normetanephrine, 3-methoxytyramine, adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine in plasma and urine) and selected theraputic drug monitoring services (Clozapine, Perhexiline, Mycophenolic acid including estimated area under the curve using limited sampling).

In addition to chemical pathology testing, expertise in pharmacokinetic studies, clinical trial support and pharmacy forumlation stability studies is also offered. The unit maintains active research collaborations and an ongoing interest in the development of new test methods.

The wider department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics offers expertise in design and evaluation of clinical trials, creation and implementation of regulatory guidelines for drug use, and assessment of drug utilization on local and global scales. Clinical staff work directly with patients providing expert evaluation and advice in clinical pharmacology and toxicology and investigate adverse reactions and interactions of therapeutics.
9496 3292
9496 5409

The Haematology laboratory provides a fast turnaround service for routine testing such as full blood count and coagulation profile operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We provide more complex testing during routine hours unless urgent results are needed. Our morphology service provides interpretive film comments, and performs and reports bone biopsies for the diagnosis of haematological conditions. Other services provided include complex coagulation testing such as coagulation factor levels, warfarin dosing service, flow cytometry, blood and stem cell transfusion service (Autologous and Allogeneic), and a bone marrow transplant processing laboratory. A range of molecular haematology tests including next generation sequencing are also performed in conjunction with the Molecular Diagnostics service.

The department also includes a Blood Transfusion service which provides compatible blood and blood products which is available at all times, including products for our maternal outpatients during pregnancy.

In addition to diagnostic services, the consultant haematologists provide consultative phone advice for complex diagnostic and transfusion related problems.
9496 5295
M-F: 0630-2330
Sat and Sun: 0730-1700
On call service out of hours

Microbiology tests for the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses in patient specimens. We house state-of-the-art automation including BD Kiestra™ WCA which, when combined with VITEK® MS MALDI-TOF and VITEK® 2 which, allows for fast and accurate identification of pathogens and antibiotic susceptibility results to be produced. Combined with our practice of antimicrobial stewardship, the flow-on benefits continue with the increased potential for the patient to recover faster.

The laboratory also provides important support for the Infection Control service with our expertise in surveillance of MRSA, VRE and other organisms that are resistant to multiple antibiotics.
9496 5657
M-F: 0600-2300
Sat: 0800-2300

The Molecular Diagnostic service offers an extensive range of molecular tests to help in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease. Our testing menu spans from the simple to complex and includes the areas of molecular microbiology, inherited and somatic haematological disorders and solid tumour molecular diagnostics.

Our molecular diagnostic service includes expert interpretation and clinical consultation with our Microbiologists, Haematologists and Anatomical Pathologists.

Molecular microbiology testing is available to identify a wide range of bacteria and viruses by PCR including:
  • SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
  • Flu and other respiratory viruses including Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis
  • Atypical pneumonia including Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP)
  • Viral load monitoring for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and CMV
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhoeae
  • HPV detection and genotyping
Inherited and somatic haematological disorders testing including:
  • Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin and MTHFR gene mutation detection
  • Jak2 exon 14 (V617F) mutation detection
  • Jak2 exon 12 mutation detection
  • BCR-ABL major (p210) and minor (p190) translocations by molecular methods
  • Myeloid molecular profiling by massively parallel sequencing and other molecular methods including FLT3 mutation (ITD).
Solid tumour molecular profiling by massively parallel sequencing ideally suitable for molecular profiling of lung, melanoma and gastric malignancies.
Molecular Solid Tumour Test Request Form (PDF)
9496 5658
M-F: 0800-1630

In general a post mortem examination should be requested on every deceased patient (except coroner's cases), as unsuspected findings will frequently throw light on puzzling or obscure clinical findings. A high post mortem index is a yardstick of good quality medical care. To discuss a post mortem request with pathologist or pathology registrar contact the department.

Consent for Post Mortem Form
Post-mortem Risk Assessment

The department also has expertise in perinatal pathology and is one of three laboratories in Victoria that support the Victorian Perinatal Autopsy Service (VPAS). Further information including consent forms and information for funeral directors can be found on their website here.

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