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Names Alternative Names  
Selenium - Plasma VIEW TEST
Glycine receptor antibodies VIEW TEST
Atypical pneumonia serology VIEW TEST
Total Haemolytic Complement THC, CH100, CH50 VIEW TEST
Haemochromatosis Gene PCR Test C282Y, Cys282Tyr, H63D, His63Asp, HFE, Haemaochromatosis Screen VIEW TEST
Beta 2 Transferrin Asialotransferrin, b2 transferrin VIEW TEST
CMV PCR Qualitative (Screen) CMVPCR, Cytomegalovirus PCR, CMV NAD VIEW TEST
16s rRNA PCR Ribosomal RNA VIEW TEST
Oncogenic HPV and genotype detection by PCR HPVPCR, HPV test, HPV +/- (reflex LBC) VIEW TEST
Herpes Multiplex PCR HSV PCR, HMV PCR, HSV1 PCR, HSV2 PCR, VZV PCR, Herpes Simplex Virus PCR, Varicella Zoster Virus PCR VIEW TEST