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Names Alternative Names  
NPM1 MRD (minimal residual disease) NPM1, NPM1 qPCR VIEW TEST
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone VIEW TEST
Anti-Soluble Liver Antigen Autoantibody to soluble liver antigen, Liver Pancreas (SLA/LP) VIEW TEST
Selenium - Plasma VIEW TEST
Parathyroid Hormone 1 - 84 PTH VIEW TEST
Anti-Liver Cytosol Antigen LC-1, Liver Blot VIEW TEST
Auto-antibodies to PBC-specific Anti-Nuclear Auto-antibody GP210, PML, SP100 Autoantibodies, Liver blot VIEW TEST
Ammonia - Plasma NH3 VIEW TEST
Immunoglobulin G Subclasses IgG Subclasses, IGGS, IGG4 VIEW TEST
Vitamin B12 Vit B12 VIEW TEST