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Names Alternative Names  
Mycobacterium tuberculosis PCR (Non-respiratory) TB PCR VIEW TEST
Combined Maternal Screen - First Trimester First Trimester Combined Screen, PAPP-A, PAPPA, Triple Test, CFTS, Combined First Trimester Screening VIEW TEST
Faecal Fat Fatty Acid Crystals, Fat Globules VIEW TEST
Thyroid Function Tests TFT VIEW TEST
72hr Faecal Fat 3 day faecal fat VIEW TEST
Complement Factor H Factor H, Factor H levels VIEW TEST
C5-C9 complement levels C5, C6, C7, C8, C9 VIEW TEST
Azathioprine Metabolites 6MMP, Mercaptopurine, 6TGN, Thioguanine, AZA Metabolites, Thiopurine Metabolites, Imuran Metabolites VIEW TEST
Dihydrotestosterone DHTEST VIEW TEST
Enterovirus Virus Group Serology Echovirus, Coxsackie virus, Enterovirus VIEW TEST