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Names Alternative Names  
Risperidone Level Paliperidone VIEW TEST
Differential Leucocyte Count DIFF, FBE VIEW TEST
Full Blood Examination CBC, CBP, FBC, FBE, CBE VIEW TEST
DNA Analysis for Haemoglobin, Thalassaemia, Alpha Chain Studies VIEW TEST
Chylomicrons VIEW TEST
Faecal Osmolality OSM, specific Gravity VIEW TEST
Quantiferon Gold - Exposure to M. tuberculosis Quantiferon Gold TB, Quantiferon Gold IT, IGRA, Interferon Gamma VIEW TEST
Respiratory Pathogens PCR Extended Respiratory PCR, Adenovirus PCR, Influenza Virus PCR, Nasopharyngeal Aspirate (NPA), Parainfluenza PCR, RESPCR, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) PCR, Rhinovirus PCR, Enterovirus PCR, Bordetella PCR VIEW TEST
Enteric Parasite Panel PCR Parasite Multiplex PCR VIEW TEST
Nose Swab MC & S VIEW TEST