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Names Alternative Names  
HLA B27 Ankyloising spondylitis, ankylosis, HLAB27 VIEW TEST
Chimerism Analysis Haemopoietic Chimerism Analysis, Chimerism Analysis (Bone Marrow Transplantation), CD3 pos/neg chimerism analysis VIEW TEST
Azathioprine Metabolites 6MMP, Mercaptopurine, 6TGN, Thioguanine, AZA Metabolites, Thiopurine Metabolites, Imuran Metabolites VIEW TEST
Glucose, Non Fasting or Fasting BSL, BGL, FBS, FBG, GL, RBG VIEW TEST
Haemochromatosis Gene PCR Test C282Y, Cys282Tyr, H63D, His63Asp, HFE, Haemaochromatosis Screen VIEW TEST
CD59 - PNH Screen CD55, CD59, GPI1, PIG1, PNH, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria VIEW TEST
Apolipoproteins - A1, B and ratio APOA1, APO A1, APOB, APO B, Apolipoproteins VIEW TEST
Cystatin C VIEW TEST
Cholinesterase Genotyping Cholinesterase genetic testing VIEW TEST