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Blood Transfusions

Services Available

Austin Pathology provides a comprehensive 24/7 Blood Bank service to Austin Health, Mercy Hospital for Women (MHW) and Kyneton District Hospital including:
Provision of blood and blood products
Pre-transfusion testing

Support is also provided to Goulburn Valley Health at the Shepparton and Echuca Hospital sites.

Pre-transfusion Samples

A sample for pre-transfusion testing (Group & Screen / Crossmatch) is always required from the patient who will receive blood components regardless of the urgency of transfusion. Blood should not be transfused prior to collection of this sample, however O negative uncrossmatched red cell units are available for emergency use only should time not allow for units to be available.

Pre-transfusion compatibility testing prior to transfusion involves:
Determining the ABO and Rh Group of the recipient
An antibody screen to detect the presence or absence of clinically significant red cell antibodies
Austin Health enforces a zero tolerance approach for mislabelled specimens and request forms.
Specimens and request forms that do not meet the mandatory minimum labelling criteria will not be accepted for processing and a new specimen and request form will be required
Specimen collection and all requests for products MUST comply with Austin Blood Specimen/Request form Labelling for Pre-Transfusion Testing policy

Clinical Management and Advice

Clinical transfusion advice is available 24 hours from the on-call Haematologist who is contactable via switchboard, 9496 5000 and Haematology Laboratory Registrars during business hours on 9496 5981.

A Transfusion Clinical Nurse Consultant is available on pager 3291