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KRAS Exon 2 Mutation in solid tumours

Alternate Names
NGS for colorectal
Ordering Information

Test will be registered by Anatomical Pathology who will register the test using the test code MOLA and then will source the tissue block or slides and send to Molecular Diagnostics for testing. Molecular lab will then register the test using the test code AKRAS.

Mutations in KRAS as also investigated in the myeloid NGS panel. This test is specifically for the investigations of KRAS mutation in solid tumours like colo-rectal cancer.

The solid tumour NGS panel (Colo-rectal) covers the following genes:

KRAS (exons 1-4), NRAS (exons 1-4), BRAF (exons (11&15), PIK3CA (exons 1,2,7,9 & 20), ERBB2 (HER2) (exon 20)

For non-Austin patients please order using the Molecular Solid Tumour Test Request Form: Molecular Solid Tumour Test Request FormV3.pdf 

Cerner Test Name
Not orderable in Cerner
Molecular Diagnostics
70ml Sterile Container (yellow top)
Additional Collection Instructions

Require 3 x FFPE slides (at least 5 microns) and 1 x H&E slide with the tumour circled and the percentage of tumour cells indicated.

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Once a week