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Blood Gases (Blood)

Alternate Names
Acid Base, Blood Gas Arterial, Blood Gas Venous, ABG, VBG
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Blood Gas Syringe

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For interpretation of the pO2, the FiO(% inspired O2) should be stated on the request form if the patient is on O2.

Samples must be transported to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection for analysis. Appropriately packaged samples (i.e. no ice) may be sent through a pneumatic chute to the laboratory.

Collection Instructions

2 - 5 mL arterial blood in heparinised syringe, anaerobically collected, i.e. no air space should be left in the syringe after collection. 

Transport sample to the laboratory immediately. If samples are left at room temperature for an extended period, the pH and pO2 fall and the pCO2 rises due to cellular metabolism.

Transport Instructions
Transport ambient at room temperature
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Add ons for this test cannot be performed.

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