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Beta 2 Transferrin

Alternate Names
Asialotransferrin, b2 transferrin
Ordering Information

This assay identifies CSF in fluid e.g. nasal or ear discharge. Please collect fluid into a sterile container - swabs are NOT suitable. A serum sample MUST be collected along with the fluid in question.

Please note that this is a specialised manual assay that requires a few hours to complete. Samples received in the laboratory by 2pm on a weekday (excluding public holidays) will be analysed that day.

Any requests for testing outside Mon-Fri 8am - 2pm  requires APPROVAL from the Chemical Pathologist, following discussion with the requesting doctor and/or neurosurgeon.

Laboratory staff, please refer to additional instructions below. 

See collection instructions
See collection instructions
Additional Collection Instructions
5 mL blood PLAIN gel tube + fluid in PLAIN sterile container.
Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
As required
Reference Interval
Not detected