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Alternate Names
SFLT1, PLGF, Pre-eclampsia ratio, Pre-eclampsia Test
Ordering Information

Routine analysis will be performed Monday to Friday within business hours. For out of hours or urgent clinical testing, the requesting clinician MUST contact the laboratory via phone 9345 6278 to arrange authorisation from the RCH Chemical Pathologist. 

This test is not covered by MBS. 

Fee stated below may change; for current test fee, contact RCH Pathology.

Referred Test
MBS Number
No MBS Rebate
Serum tube (gold cap OR red cap w. yellow insert)
Collection Instruction
Collect on ice
Additional Collection Instructions

Dedicated serum tube - cannot share collection tube with other serum tests.

Collect on ice and send immediately to laboratory (sample must be centrifuged and frozen within 2hrs of collection).

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume

5ml volume preferred.

Monday - Friday
Reference Interval

This is a referred test. Please see reference interval on report.

Test Code
Container ID
Storage Instructions
Store serum frozen at - 20 deg C
Additional (Storage) Instructions

Separate and freeze serum within 2 hours of collection.

Transport Instructions
Transport frozen on dry ice
External Laboratory
Biochemistry, Pathology, Royal Children's Hospital