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Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma NGS (Tissue)

Alternate Names
NGS for lung, EGFR for lung, AEGFR
Test Code
Testing Laboratory
Molecular Diagnostics - Genetics
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Container Type

Glass slides

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Tumour Block

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Ordering Information

Solid Tumour NGS Panel (Lung) covers the following genes:

EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA, ERBB2, MET, ALK, ROS1, (Testing of the TP53 gene is optional).

To order, please complete Austin Molecular Solid Tumour Test Request Form V10 indicating the test required and the biopsy number and date of collection of the sample you wish to be tested.

After this form has been completed, please forward it to the Anatomical Pathology laboratory via the fax number found on the request form.

Collection Instructions

3 x FFPE slides (at least 5 microns) and 1 x H&E slide with the tumour circled and the percentage of tumour stated.

Transport Instructions
Transport ambient at room temperature
Storage Instructions
Store refrigerated at 4°C
Testing Frequency
Once every 3 weeks
Min Test Volume
Add On Test Suitability

Contact Anatomical Pathology on 03 9496 5425 to confirm add on suitability. 

Container ID
Laboratory Instructions

Test will be registered by Anatomical Pathology who will source the tissue block or slides (register using the test code MOLA) and send to Molecular Diagnostics for testing who will register using the test code AEGFR.

Accredited Test