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Anti Mullerian Hormone

Alternate Names
Ordering Information

If the patient is on oral contraceptives, this should be noted on the request form.

Specimen collection can be on any day of the menstrual cycle.

There is no medicare rebate for this test. Instead a fee of $52 is charged by the referral laboratory.


Please note that high dose Biotin (Vitamin B7) will interfere with this test and cause false results. Please indicate on request slip if patient is taking Biotin therapy. 

Referred Test
Serum tube (gold top)
Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Twice a week
Reference Interval

This is a referred test. Please consult reference interval on report.


Note: Age and gender related reference intervals apply.

However, there are no reference intervals supplied for males less than 18 years, or females less than 20 years or older than 50 years.