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Vitamin C

Alternate Names
Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbate
Ordering Information

Samples must be wrapped in foil placed on ice and sent to laboratory immediately.




Referred Test
Lithium Heparin - Gel (mint green)
Collection Instruction
Protect from light - wrap in foil
Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Once a fortnight
Reference Interval

This test is referred out for testing. Please consult reference interval on results report.

Test Code
Container ID
Opt. Container
Lithium Heparin - Gel (mint green)
Storage Instructions
Store frozen at -20 deg C
Additional (Storage) Instructions

A minimum of 1 mL of plasma should be stored for sending.

The specimen should be centrifuged and aliquotted as soon as it reaches the laboratory. Store plasma frozen at -20 deg C wrapped in foil.


Note that for Cerner e-orders, the container will be received as a "LH" and therefore be considered incompatible. Please check that sample is wrapped in foil, receipt a container "LHF" and manually assign VITC to this container.


Serum samples wrapped in foil are acceptable if LH plasma in foil  is unavailable.

Transport Instructions
Transport frozen on dry ice
External Laboratory
Biochemistry, Alfred Pathology Services