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Alternate Names
Mast Cell Tryptase
Ordering Information

After a suspected anaphylactic reaction, timed blood samples are essential for interpretation. Tryptase levels peak 15mins to 2hours following the event and decline to baseline with a half life of 2hours. 3 samples should be taken:  

(1) as soon as possible after emergency treatment has started,

(2) within 1–2h (no later than 4hr) from onset of symptoms.

(3) >24 h post-event to determine the baseline value.


Ref: Ewan PW BSACI guidelines for the investigation of suspected anaphylaxis during general anaesthesia. Clin Exp Allergy. (2010) 40:15–31. 

PLEASE NOTE: Samples referred from external sites must be transported frozen.

Add on requests can also be taken within 48hrs of collection

Serum tube (gold top)
Collection Instruction
Send to the laboratory immediately
Additional Collection Instructions

This test no longer requires collection & transport on ice to the laboratory.


External Laboratory

Please spin, aliquot and freeze in the laboratory before transport


Add ons

Add on requests can also be taken within 48hrs of collection

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Once a week
Reference Interval

< 11.0 μg/L