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Tryptase + Mast Cell Tryptase

Ordering Information

After a suspected anaphylactic reaction, timed blood samples are essential for interpretation. Tryptase levels peak 15mins to 2hours following the event and decline to baseline with a half life of 2hours. 3 samples shoud be taken:  

(1) as soon as possible after emergency treatment has started,

(2) within 1–2h (no later than 4hr) from onset of symptoms.

(3) >24 h post-event to determine the baseline value.


Ref: Ewan PW BSACI guidelines for the investigation of suspected anaphylaxis during general anaesthesia. Clin Exp Allergy. (2010) 40:15–31. 

Referred Test
Serum tube (gold top)
Collection Instruction
Place tube on ice & send to laboratory immediately
Additional Collection Instructions

Transport on ice to the laboratory ASAP

Test cannot be added on.

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Once a week
Reference Interval

< 12.0 μg/L