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Respiratory Pathogens PCR

Alternate Names
Extended Respiratory PCR, Adenovirus PCR, Influenza Virus PCR, Nasopharyngeal Aspirate (NPA), Parainfluenza PCR, RESPCR, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) PCR, Rhinovirus PCR, Enterovirus PCR, Bordetella PCR
Ordering Information

 This test will detect and identify one or more of: 

  • Influenza A virus RNA
  • Influenza B virus RNA
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) DNA
  • Rhinovirus DNA and Enterovirus RNA
  • Parainfluenza 1 DNA
  • Parainfluenza 2 DNA
  • Parainfluenza 3 DNA
  • Adenovirus DNA
  • Human Metapneumovirus DNA
  • Bordetella spp. DNA
  • Bordetella parapertussis DNA

Please note: Two swabs will be required if testing for both Respiratory PCR and COVID 19 PCR.

Unless otherwise requested, all Nasopharyngeal Aspirates (NPAs) will be tested for respiratory virus PCR.

Requests for Enterovirus PCR only are to be registered as ENVPCR.

SWINE FLU PCR is no longer an orderable test.

Respiratory Swabs: Prefer swabs in viral transport media (VTM), otherwise green top viral swabs or dry swabs. Also will accept bacterial blue top swabs but as these have a reduced sensitive for the assay they are not recommended.

Other Sample Types: NPAs, sputums, bronchial washings (BW), bronchoalveolar lavages (BALs).

Different specimen sites collected at the same time are to be registered under the one episode.

Molecular Diagnostics
Bronchial lavage
Bronchial washings
Nasopharyngeal swab
NPA (Naso pharyngeal aspirate)
Respiratory specimen
Throat swab
Sterile container
Swab - viral (green)
Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume