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Neutrophil Function Testing

Alternate Names
Chronic granulomatous disease, CGD, oxidative burst, neutrophil ROS, phagocytosis, reactive oxygen species, ROS, NBT
Ordering Information

Please discuss the clinical indications with the Immunopathologist (03 9496 5140) before requesting.


Testing is indicated in patients with a history of recurrent and severe pyogenic or fungal infections and is used to screen patients suspected of having chronic granulomatous disease. Requests for neutrophil function testing as part of a broad initial screen for immunodeficiency should be avoided.


Referred Test
MBS Number
Lithium Heparin - No Gel (green)
Collection Instruction
Collect at room temperature
Send to the laboratory as soon as possible
Additional Collection Instructions

This is a sendaway test to Monash Medical Centre, Immunopathology Department.

Once the request is approved, please collect ONLY on Mondays or Wednesdays (afternoon collection is preferred, to maximise neutrophil survival and function).

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
As required
Test Code
Storage Instructions
Store specimen at Room Temperature
Transport Instructions
Transport at room temperature
External Laboratory
Immunology, Monash Health Pathology