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Leucocyte/Lysosomal Enzymes

Alternate Names
White cell enzymes
Ordering Information

Blood for this test CAN ONLY be collected on TUESDAY AFTERNOONS.


Referred Test
EDTA (purple)
Collection Instruction
Send to the laboratory immediately
Additional Collection Instructions

Collect 2 EDTA tubes.

Only collect on Tuesday afternoons.

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
On Request
Test Code
Transport Instructions
Transport at room temperature
Laboratory Notes

This sample is TIME CRITICAL and must reach the testing laboratory in Sth Australia within 48hours of collection.

Thus samples can only be taken Tuesday afternoon in order to make our weekly interstate courier (every Wednesday).

If doctor or patient insist on having bloods taken outside this time, please inform them there will be a courier cost.

Regardless, blood for this test CAN NOT be taken on a Friday or before a public holiday.

External Laboratory
Women & Children's Hospital, Adelaide