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Red Cell Antibody Titre

Alternate Names
Anti C, Anti M, Anti D, Anti E, red cell allo antibody titre, red cell titre, Titration
Ordering Information

Patients with immune anti-D, anti-K or anti-c, must have a titration performed every 4 weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy.  After 28 weeks, a titration should be performed every 2 weeks.  Clinical staff are responsible for ensuring repeat samples are sent when required.

Other antibody specificities (not anti-D, anti-c or anti-K) that have the possibility to cause HDFN require a titration upon initial identification of the antibody, or first presentation in the pregnancy if a known historical antibody, and at 28 weeks.  After 28 weeks no further antibody titrations are required.

Occasionally, an antibody titration may be requested (due to ultrasonic abnormalities or precious pregnancies) but is not normally indicated. This request must be discussed with a laboratory haematology consultant or registrar (9496 6206 or 9496 5981)

Blood Bank
9ml EDTA (purple)
Additional Collection Instructions

Both the Specimen and Request form MUST be labelled with the following information: Patient’s Full name, Date of Birth, UR number, Date and time of collection, Signature of the collector.

If a pre-printed label is used on the specimen, it MUST bear the collector’s signature and date and time of collection.


Please note, the patient's address may be accepted as an identifier where no other indentifier can be used.


Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume

Up to three red cell antigens are tested.

As required
Test Code
Laboratory Notes


Code for BBANK and forward the sample to Heidelberg Blood Bank.